Global Vegetation Project data entry form

Instructions : Please upload a high-resolution photo of vegetation and tell us the photographer's name, the precise location of the photo, the place name, the vegetation type, a few of the dominant species, and any optional comments about the photo. Visit the Global Vegetation Project to read our mission statement and goals for the project.

All fields with an astrisks (*) are required.

Drop a pin as close as possible to the location of the photo (zoom in) within the blue boundaries, or enter lat/long directly into the empty boxes above.
By submitting your photos, you agree to 1) provide the Global Vegetation Project/Biodiversity Institute/UWyo a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license and 2) your images will be 'sub-licensed' by us to end-users (educators) under the same license. Please do not submit any content that could be considered irrelevant, illegal, or harmful.